Rimowa Website Review & Ratings + Rimowa Coupons
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Rimowa Website Review & Ratings + Rimowa Coupons

Rimowa: Products & Services

Rimowa is derived from the founders name- (Ri)chard-(Mo)rszeck. (Wa)renzeichen is not a name but a German word, which translated means trademark. There you have it, Rimowa is a Richard Morszeck Trademark. The Rimowa company started out selling metal trunks, which Richard designed for overseas travel. The trunks were crafted after the World War II Junker airplane. 

Still in the family, Dieter Morszeck, the current head of Rimowa, sums up the family business and describes Rimowa products as, "Handcraft meets high tech."

Rimowa sells upscale travel luggage and travel accessories in flagship stores in 19 countries.

Signature bags and cases are made from aluminum and polycarbonate and are not susceptable to extreme heat or cold. Rimowa products are also waterproof.

Rimowa: Company Background

Paul Morszeck manufactured the first Rimowa product just prior to the turn of the century. The company, founded in Germany, was taken to the next level by Paul's son Richard Morszeck in 1937.  Products were not sold under the Rimowa name until that time.

Rimowa is based in Germany but does business worldwide. Rimowa flagship stores are in 19 countries across the globe. The stores are very, very, trendy and exclusively upscale. There are three flagship stores in the United States; Beverly Hills, California, Honolulu, Hawaii, and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Rimowa: Customer Feedback & Reviews
Customers are providing feedback on Rimowa products. There is a lot of chit-chat on-line over Rimowa luggage and accessories, not so much on the website or company as a whole. However, reading reviews one gets the impression that Rimowa is its products and its products are Rimowa
The overall feedback is good. Customers have a deep love for Rimowa products though some have a love/hate opinion of purchased products. Consumer feedback suggests that Rimowa products are great-perhaps the best out there of its type, but at the same time indicate that products do not live up to the company's marketing claims.
Alan Fridkin is a top reviewer/editor for Epinions.com and also a customer and owner of Rimowa luggage. He had a lot to say about Rimowa products. A portion of his feedback is below. 
  • Light weight and extremely durable (although not as durable as first thought!) Cons: No inside pockets. Can be damaged by sharp objects. Summary: Over the past two years, we have replaced most of our luggage with Rimowa Salsa pieces, owning two 29", a 26" and a 22" model. The lightweight, polycarbonate material has saved 5 to 9 pounds per bag...
An epinion.com customer reviewer had the following negatiave feedback on Rimowa's Salsa 29 Trolly Suitcase and the company's response to complaints about the product.
  • Good looks, and quite functional, but it breaks, so what is the point? Fragile as paper, especially around the wheels and the corners. I really would caution frequent flyers not to buy this case. It breaks very often if you check it in (the shell breaks), which did not happen with other brands. Rimowa sends you to the airlines to claim, but it is a systemic quality problem that they are refusing to address. Maybe for the cabin size it works ok, but avoid the bigger models. Also the one with the reinforced corners (LIMBO) should be ok.If you fly frequently, you end up spending a lot of time claiming. I had two of these and both broke on about 1 flight out of 3 (!) which I find unaccaptable.

A snippet from a lengthy customer review on Flyer Talk

  • I'm still very happy with my Rimowa Topas. The weight savings, and protection of the inside contents is still a major factor for me, and the Topas does both well. No more zippers and snipped locks is also great to have. I just need to accept the fact that this pricy bag is not going to look shiny and new ever again. If you are looking for a very light, ultra strong checked bag, with some luxury cache attached to it, then I recommend the Rimowa Topas. Just don't expect it to look pretty that long. For a different size bag in the future, I think I would consider the Limbo line. I still like no zippers and strong build, but with the polycarbonate body to not get dented up.

Consumers may or may not be influenced by the fact that celebrities are buying Rimowa products. The Rimowa company seems to think so, however. The company categorizes a long list of celebrities that carry its brand. The list includes sports figures, entertainers, and the rich and famous in general.

Celebrities that carry Rimowa luggage and travel extensively could, perhaps be considered as positive feedback for the Rimowa company and products. 

Here are a few celebrities that use Rimowa luggage:

  • Sandra Bulluck
  • William Defoe
  • Kool and the Gang

Rimowa: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

There is no information on Rimowa registered with the Better Business Bureau, perhaps because it is an international company. However, the flagship stores within the United States are not registered with the BBB either.

Accolades of Rimowa products include:

  •  Rimowa cases  were featured in the  blockbuster movie, "The Avengers" .
  • Rimowa won the travel and leisure design award in 2010 for its Salsa Deluxe Multiwheel Case and was voted best luggage by "Travel and Leisure Magazine".
  • Carryology awarded Rimowa with the 'best check-in award', for its Salsa Air product.

Rimowa: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Compete.com is unable to rank the popularity of the Rimowa website, citing low traffic to the site as the reason. 

Alexa ranks Rimowa globally at #247,670,. The traffic rank for Germany, Rimowa's home country is 54,421, China is ranked at  107,239, the  United Kingdom 138,318 and the United States 409,944.

669 websites link to the Rimowa website.

Google-Page Rank-ranks Rimowa with a 5 out of 10 possible points.


Rimowa: Social Media Presence

Rimowa-North America has a Twitter page with 787 followers. The company has tweeted 379 times.

Rimowa has a Facebook page, with more pictures of celebrities and comments by consumers. The company has 30,681 facebook likes. The page is updated often and is utilized well for marketing purposes.

The original Rimowa company does not have a blog. 

Rimowa: Website Security & Safety

Google does not list the site as suspicious. There is no suspicious activity associated with the Rimowa site and it has not functioned as an intermediary for infectious sites. In the last ninety days there has been no malware associated with the site. The website for flagship stores and for the Rimowa home site is very secure.

The site is very secure, however it does not take payment information since purchases are not made over the site. 

Rimowa: Pricing & Packages

Rimowa product pricing is fairly expensive. Compared to similar luggage categories by competitor companies, Rimowa comes out on top when it comes to greater expense. The Rimowa brand multiwheeled luggage is more expensive than a similar Samsonite product.

Purchasing from independent stores that purchase Rimowa for resell Rimowa, will not save consumers money. Other than perhaps older Rimowa products, external sites and brick and mortar stores are not allowed to sell Rimowa products for less than the prices on the Rimowa home site.

Rimowa: Shipping Rates & Policies

Rimowa does not charge for shipping products in the United States from flagship stores. Purchasing from the Rimowa site is not an option. Rimowa is popular globally and does sell internationally through flagship stores. Rimowa does not sell or ship from its website.

The Rimowa site has a site map and a 'find a retailer' page. Rimowa customers get special attention when purchasing products. Consumers call the flagship store and speak to an associate there to purchase the product. At that time the associate will process all the information over the phone or will Skype with the customer to make the order. 

Overseas consumers wishing to purchase Rimowa products are advised to do their homework first, to find if purchasing the product from a flagship store in the United States will be less expensive than purchasing from the country in which they live, according to a spokesperson with the company. 

Rimowa: Payment Methods Accepted

Rimowa flagship stores accept all major credit cards and debit cards. Rimowa does not sell its product from the website. Rimowa sells its products  directly on-line through flagship stores or in person at flagship stores. It is also notable, that external sites and brick and mortar stores are not allowed to sell the product for less than Rimowa proper.

Rimowa: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Rimowa provides a five year guarantee on travel and business luggage. The guarantee is only good if the malfunction of the product is found to be due to a manufacturing defect. The guarantee is void if the product was misused- according to what the manufacturer deems proper use. 

Consumers must present an original proof of purchase along with the product to a Rimowa dealer or approved authorized service center. The consumer pays for shipping to the dealer, however if Rimowa agrees that the product is defected, the company will repair and send the product back at its own expense.

Rimowa's return policy is good, but it is unfortunate that consumers are not reimbursed for shipping defected products back to the company.

Rimowa: Product images & screenshots
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